Progress on my debut novel ‘Empire under siege’

OK, so this is the page that I am going to use to update you on the progress of my upcoming debut novel. It is called ‘Hope’ and I sincerely hope that it will not be an utter disappointment…

‘Hope’ is starting to take shape, it is what some would describe as a historical fantasy, except that it is not set in our own history- although there are obvious similarities to the Roman period. Truth be told I am not really that bothered about the classification, the important thing is that it turns out alright.

If you like historical fantasy, heroic fantasy or military drama set in the classical period, then I hope that you will enjoy ‘Hope’ when it is finally released.

Update 20/3/14 (or 3/20/14 if you are American…)

Have just finished the first edit of ‘Hope’. It still isn’t close to being ready for release but it’s in much better shape than it was. Added about 20,000 words in the process and probably removed half as many. Now moving on to second edit before it goes off to a professional editor. Deadline looming and not sure if I will make it but it’s going to be close….

Update 31/3/14

Some decisions are hard to make. The decision to delay the release of ‘Hope’ is one of them. The truth is that it just isn’t ready yet. I have been editing now for four months and whilst it is getting better it still isn’t where I want it to be. ‘Hope’ will be released in the summer, that much is certain (or at least I bloomin’ hope it is!) 🙂

Update 4/5/14

So I just sent off the first volume of ‘Hope’ to the editor. Fingers crossed he likes it! Also just posted an extract on my blog here.

Update 26/5/14

Posted cover reveal today. The book has been renamed ‘Empire under siege’ and the project (series) is now entitled ‘Adarna chronicles’. ‘Hope’ just seemed a little too abstract, although I sincerely hope it is a success…

‘Empire under siege’ comes out within the week.

Update 24/08/14

‘Empire under siege’ has been out for a while and has sold a few copies. Book 2 of the Adarna Chronicles ‘Phoenix Rising’ is out now. First draft of book 3 is complete (no title as yet!). Update over, back to work…


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