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You know what? There are a lot of hard working authors out there in the cosmos, indie and otherwise. Some of them have been kind enough to interview me, others have not but I am just interested in their work. This page is my effort to show off their wares and pay back some of the goodwill that has come my way through the wonderful social mediaverse.

An Interview with indie author David J. Rodger

the-social-club-a-yellow-dawn-novel-by-british-science-fiction-dark-fantasy-author-david-j-rodger-a-thriller-set-in-post-apocalyptic-london (1)

I caught up with Science Fiction Thriller author David J Rodger to talk about his books (I am in bold, he is in italics!)

JASON: So, David, I’m aware he you like to base some of the political tensions in your novels on historical paradigms. Could you tell us a little about that?. 

DJR: Thanks Jason. Critics have commented on the depth and detail to the universe I have created to set my novels within.  It has become quite a selling point me. The fact you can pick up any of the 9 novels I’ve published to date without worrying about where to start. They’re all separate stories, but they all tie into a wider, consistent universe and the fact is the more you read the more is revealed about this place.  Many of the novels reference corporations, organisations and even characters from other novels and I’ve been delighted to get messages from fans who have read my complete work twice or even three times, picking up the finer details.  But like you Jason, I have a passion for history – it defines who we are – and certain features have influenced the fabric of the near future I have constructed. One example is with the business cult The Power of Eight Group, where you’ll see flavours of the Knights Templar and the way they were ostracized and then betrayed by the very powers they sought to serve; a direct result of people fearing their growing power and influence.  Other political structures that dominate this near future is UTOC, the United Table of Commerce, which have taken over where the UN failed. They form corporate alliances that lead to private wars between companies, and strong-arm governments into passing legislation that allows them to ignore workers rights and the environment for the promise of lucrative investment.  UTOC also enforce a brand identity into member countries through a semi-secret organisation known as MOCID – the Ministry of Cultural Integration and Development. Think of Albert Speer and the Nazi “brand” and you’ll see some comparisons.  It isn’t a reproduction of historical events or scenarios. Just the root idea being transplanted into a new bed for development. 
JASON: I hear that you are giving away a short story at the moment to showcase your talents, could you tell us a little about it?
DJR: Yes, I am giving away a short story called The Grove, which is based on a part of the city in England I grew up within and covers three historical eras in one narrative flow. The area itself is very magical and renowned for the unusual energies there – day time is it very pleasant but after dark is has a reputation for strange goings-on amongst the isolated quarries and forest.
Dave Dick illustration of slender man
JASON: What else is happening with your work. You have been very busy the last few years. Is that hard work paying off?
DJR: Yeah, the last 7 years have been very intense. I’ve been used to getting up at 4 A.M. to wrap my writing around a full-time career (commercial project manager for web based media companies) but I have just started a 3 month sabbatical so I am looking forward to some dedicated “me” time. Think I will spend the next 2 weeks sleeping.  The hard work has paid off. Writing a book is easy, once you’ve got your style and methodology down. Selling a book is the hard part and I’ve been balancing my energy between creating new products and promoting what I’ve got – which is a part of the business (being a self-published indie) I really enjoy. You are measured by the quality of your work and the effort you put into marketing it.  I’ve started to get noticed for my use of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos in my work – even though the books are promoted as Thrillers, and Science Fiction at that. Which is very pleasing, because the Mythos aspect of my writing typical lurks beneath the plot, rising up at points of tension or where the hero digs deep enough to exposure the horrible truth behind what is going on: the machinations that are not motivated by money but by insane worship of monstrous gods from the Outer Chaos. Getting a reputation as a writer of Mythos Fiction has started to get me some direct approaches by editors looking to commission work. Here’s a couple of examples:
Japanese fanzine commissions me to write a Cthulhu Mythos piece: I was approached by the editor of a Japanese fanzine to create a piece of original fiction set within H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. He wanted it to contain at least one established Lovecraftian reference but was also keen to see me create some new Mythos memes and a new Great Old One. I subsequently completed and submitted; the editor got back to me with big thumbs-up. Due for release Spring 2015.
Press release from Modiphius:  About the Dark Tales anthology due for commercial release Winter ’14 /15 and contains a short piece they commissioned me to write for them. Part of a project to flesh out the world of Achtung! Cthulhu with some 1940s Dark Fantasy Fiction entrenched in the weird and cosmic horror of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.  Read press release here:
JASON: Crikey, I thought I was busy! I read on your blog that you’ve recently finished a new novel?
DJR: Yes, last month saw me finish a new novel, my 9th, called Oakfield. It takes place in a remote coastal town in Cornwall, England. A family inherit a house from their deceased grandfather and go there to visit, intending to use the week to repair the place for sale and heal the damage to their relationships. However it quickly transpires that the grandfather may not have died of natural causes and that their being there has placed all of them in a terrible danger. Have a few weeks of editing ahead of me but plan to have it ready to launch by Winter ’14.

JASON: Your books occupy two distinct time periods. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

DJR: The majority of my novels occupy a similar time period (in the near future). This period is cut short by the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn. Yellow Dawn acts as a dividing line and any book set after Yellow Dawn can be considered post-apocalyptic in nature. They still occupy the same universe, but readers can see it warped through a different lens. Here is a quick list to show you which novels come before and after Yellow Dawn:




JASON: Thanks David. It’s been really interesting to hear about your work. Always great to hear about another indie publishing success story!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (This is a picture of David, not me by the way 🙂 )

David J. Rodger is author of 9 Science Fiction Thrillers set in the dark near future. Excellent reviews. Creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur RPG. Has written for SFX. Short stories published in UK, US, Canada and Japan. Supported by Bristol Fantasy & Science Fiction Society. Represented by Floyd Hayes.

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