Welcome to my mid life crisis (AKA about me)

So what happens when someone who writes in their teens and tries to publish a short story (after being told by his English teacher that he should publish said short story) gets a nasty knock back Β when he submits it to one ‘publisher’ who, quite frankly, may have been a fraud (ah, the wisdom of youth…)

Well, that teenage boy puts away his old fashioned typewriter (yes, the real thing) and goes off to have a career.

Then many years later he has a minor mid-life crisis when he realises that, having achieved much of what he always wanted to, there is only one demon left to exorcise. Gotta write a book. Gotta write a bloody book.

Having started the book a nagging voice in his mind wonders why he couldn’t have begun with something a little more achievable. Flash fiction maybe? Short story perhaps?

Of course I have now published a few things. Has that expunged the urgent need for recognition? The need to know that (perhaps) I might be able to write something worthwhile? Well, no actually, it hasn’t, but I do feel a little better for being on the road toward my little dream… Are the books any good? You be the judge, I guess…

23 thoughts on “Welcome to my mid life crisis (AKA about me)

  1. Joleene Naylor

    Well, welcome to this bloggy/twitty/face world πŸ˜‰ I took a several year hiatus from writing myself after my “teenage” ambitions fell through, and starting up again was a painful &*^%$, so I know exactly what you mean.

  2. myrahmcilvain

    I also allowed one person to shoot down my writing, and I put it away. Just won #1 for Gen Fiction. Put away those doubts and get with it. You’ve got support from me.

  3. marjma2014

    Gosh, are you and I twins? Sounds so familiar. I also wrote as a teenager then shelved it and here I am now a grown woman (still growing up) with two teenage daughters writing again!

  4. Bob Van Laerhoven

    Jason, I’m a Belgian author – I’m Flemish, living in the northern part of the country, the southern part is inhabited by Walloons – who has traditionally published more than 30 books in The Netherlands and Belgium and whose work has been translated into English and French, and recently in Russian. And still I’m insecure about my work :-). As an author you’re standing each time again on a high cliff above a teeming sea and you dive in, not knowing if the water is deep or shallow πŸ™‚ :-). It seems to me you’ve done that quite a few times lately and with good results…My novel “Baudelaire’s Revenge” has been published this year by Pegasus Books in the US and in these months I have learned a lot: the American market is very different from the European market…It’s nice that, at 61 and being a “seasoned” writer over here, I can still learn a lot…I wish you lots of success!


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