Book cover reveal for ‘The Great Bear’ book 3 of the Adarna chronicles

The Great Bear

Okey dokey then, it’s that time again. (drum roll please…). Here’s the book cover reveal for book 3 of ‘The Adarna Chronicles’, It’s called ‘The Great Bear’ (you can probably tell that by looking at the cover, right?). Let me know what you think. Is it as good as the covers for ‘Empire Under Siege‘ and ‘Phoenix Rising‘? Does it tie in with the image of the series so far? I’ve put a really big version at the bottom of the post so that you can have a good old look.

I think the guys over at Deranged Doctor Design have done an amazing job again (thank you guys!) and I cannot recommend them highly enough. If i’m honest though, this was the hardest one so far! 

The book itself is as long as ‘Empire Under Siege‘ and ‘Phoenix Rising‘ combined, which explains why it is giving me a bit of a headache at the moment. Preliminary structural edits are complete though, so it should be off to the editor within three weeks and then (hopefully!) out before the end of October as promised.

The Great Bear

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One thought on “Book cover reveal for ‘The Great Bear’ book 3 of the Adarna chronicles

  1. mobewan

    Another success. All three will look great together. Glad the third one will be longer. The others were nice and tight and flew along but it will be great to spend a bit more time with the characters. Looking forward to it.


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