Getting reviews for your book takes a bit of luck…



Anyone in the self publishing world will tell you that getting reviews for your books is really difficult and, put simply, reviews sell books. So how can you get more reviews for your books? There are a few tactics that you can use to get book reviews:-

1) Goodreads giveaways- basically you give away copies of your book in the hope that one of the lucky winners will leave a review. This is quite an expensive option (global postage is not cheap and you will have to give away an actual copy of your book).

2) Amazon giveaways- Make your book free on Amazon (either perma-free or temporarily using the KDP select programme), then sit back and wait for the reviews to roll in. I have some experience of this. I’ve run two giveaways for my science fiction novelette ‘Paradise‘ and I’ve managed to give away almost three thousand copies. The number of reviews that I think can be attributed to the giveaways? My best guess is about ten…

3) Find book reviewers (through twitter or Amazon or blogs) and submit your book to them in the hope that they will choose to review it. I have had some success with this (about six reviews) but it is an awful lot of work and you end up badgering the reviewers and feeling like a pest…

4) Join a book review group on Goodreads or a similar site. There are loads of groups on Goodreads where you can submit your book and, in return for giving honest reviews of other books, you can get a review of your own. Verdict on this one? Well I’ve had some success with this but the problem is that you have to actually read a lot of books and this takes an awfully long time. You then have to leave an honest review (read what you will into that)…

5) Blind luck (read on below to see what I mean…).

I got really lucky this week (or at least I feel really lucky). I got what I consider to be a great review from one of the top fantasy book review sites (fantasybookcritic) for the first two books in the Adarna chronicles (Empire Under Siege and Phoenix Rising). If you want to pop over and read the review, then why not check out their amazing and informative site.

I also got a rather wonderful review for Empire Under Siege from independent book reviewer and blogger L.K.Evans (you can check out her site and the review here).

PHOENIX RISING by Jason K. Lewis

PHOENIX RISING by Jason K. Lewis

The reason I feel lucky? Well, I didn’t search these reviewers out and hound them until they took a look at the books (and every independent author knows that sometimes, just sometimes, it is tempting to do this- see point 3). They each chose to do it on their own.  Yes, that’s right, they actually found my books in the seething ocean of other works that is Amazon et al (which in my view is a minor miracle in itself).

I also feel lucky that they actually liked the books though (coz that’s quite important too, right?). Phew! What a relief (I thought when I read one review). I had known that Mihir, over at fantasybookcritic, would be reviewing the books for the last few weeks and crikey, did I sweat over it 🙂

In other news, I have decided on a title for the third novella in the Adarna chronicles. ‘The Great Bear’ will be released in October… More info, including a cover reveal, to follow soon…

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10 thoughts on “Getting reviews for your book takes a bit of luck…

  1. mobewan

    67% of the way through Phoenix, and based on how it’s going so far you’ll have another 5 star review imminently!
    Thus is not something I’m looking forward to I must admit. I don’t like pestering people, but I’m an avid reader and I don’t leave half as many reviews as I should do. In fact its only really since I started writing that I’ve started leaving them. I think there will be some kind of tipping point where the reviews encourage more buys and reads which will encourage more reviews and so on. Thanks for sharing your experiences (and especially the related stats). Will help me when I get to that point.

  2. Jason K Lewis - Writer Post author

    Hi Colin,
    Good to hear from you and really glad to hear you’re enjoying Phoenix (I can now only hope and pray that the last 3rd of the book doesn’t let you down…). Plan to put more figures up as time goes by and will keep you posted through the blog. Hope your writing is going well. You have one guaranteed review of your book when it comes out (that would be from me…). Cheers

    1. Jason K Lewis - Writer Post author

      Well Larry, I believe you did dare and it would be rude of me not to accept 🙂 (secretly praying your book isn’t ‘war and peace’). On a serious note, I would be delighted, which book would you like me to take a look at?

      1. Jason K Lewis - Writer Post author

        Hi Larry, I tried DMing you on Twitter and got no response. Hope everything is OK. Really like the look of The Fourth Dementia. Just let me know if you still want to do the review exchange. All the best, Jason

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