‘Phoenix Rising’, book two of the ‘Adarna chronicles’ is out!

Phoenix RisingHi All,

Just a note to let you know that ‘Phoenix Rising’, book two of the ‘Adarna chronicles’ is out on Amazon now! I am delighted to say that it is complete. It should be up with other merchants over the next few days and the paperback is a week or two away 🙂

Why not head over to Amazon and check it out?

Best wishes



2 thoughts on “‘Phoenix Rising’, book two of the ‘Adarna chronicles’ is out!

  1. mobewan

    Just finished Empire. Really enjoyed it. Perfect level of action mixed with intrigue. I’m normally an action fan, so obviously the first half was spot on for me, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the second half. Loved the way it teetered on the brink of fantasy with the three Gods (or are they??) and the hints at an ancient enemy. Only real surprise was it’s length, but after reading your authors note it makes sense. Review left on Amazon (.co.uk unfortunately, never figured out how to leave on .com as well).

    Have Phoenix sat on the kindle and looking forward to reading it over the next few days.

    Also, my Dad shares my kindle account (he’s retired and now nicks all my kindle books in recompense for all the years I did it at home with his paperbacks!) and he also read it. He is a big fan of historical novels – the Conn Iggulden Rome books are among his favourite ever books – and for what it’s worth, he also loved it.

  2. Jason K Lewis - Writer Post author

    Hi Colin, Just read the review. Thanks so much for your kind comments. There is little better than validation from a fellow author 🙂 Glad your dad liked it too, to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Conn Iggulden is praise indeed!
    Would you mind if I ask a favour? Posting a review on Amazon.com is really easy (I never realised this until I tried) you just visit the books page and post a review as you normally would- believe it or not there is nothing stopping someone in the UK from posting a review! Would be really grateful if you could because reviews on Amazon.com are worth a lot to a struggling writer (or any writer for that matter!).
    Really hope you enjoy ‘Phoenix Rising’, let me now how you get on…

    Thanks again



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