A bit of an update on ‘Phoenix Rising’ and other bits…

Hi all,

Today is a good day. I stated in my previous post that the editor had come back with some comments and I had a bit more work to do on ‘Phoenix Rising’. Well, I finished the revisions (and editing of the revisions et al) last night and sent them off to Mr Ed. Hopefully that means that the book is all set for release next weekend 🙂

Having thought ‘Empire Under SIege’ was hard work, I have hit new heights (and by heights I mean difficulties) with ‘Phoenix Rising’, but I hope that the results will make the effort worthwhile.

In other news, this week Candie Jean Blumel (AKA ‘the writing expert’) was kind enough to interview me on her blog. She asked a lot of insightful questions about the writing process and also about ‘The Adarna Chronicles’ and ‘Empire Under Siege’ in particular. You can check out her interview here.

I am now back to work, but not writing for a day or two. I am having great fun (rough translation ‘I am pulling my hair out!’) trying to put together a map of Adarna for ‘Phoenix Rising’…

Phoenix Rising


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