My guest post on ‘Fantasy Book Critic’


Hi All,

I am really chuffed to say that the guys over at ‘Fantasy Book Critic’ have just put a guest post up on their site for me 🙂

In it I discuss the ‘Adarna chronicles’ and my influences and tribulations whilst writing. So why not pop over and have a read?

On a different subject, I thought I should update you on the progress of the next book in the ‘Adarna chronicles’. ‘Phoenix Rising’ came back from the editor with a few issues that need my attention. Whilst these aren’t major (the editor pretty much gave it a glowing report), they do require some time, and as you know, with an hour a day this is something that I do not have much of!

Sadly, the launch of ‘Phoenix rising has been delayed by a few days. I hope that it will be ready to go before the end of the first week in August! I thought the snail in the photo above adequately describes how I feel things are progressing at the moment… (I am working my backside off in the hour that I have but it still feels really slow…).

Anyway, that’s enough from me, I need to get writing (and editing and rewriting and sending off the rewrites to the editor etc etc….).

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6 thoughts on “My guest post on ‘Fantasy Book Critic’

  1. mobewan

    Sounds like we have similar working patterns. Squeezing word count, redrafting, editing, coffee, inspiration, outlining, more word count, redrafting of redrafts and more coffee into 60 minutes a day is agonising. One day I hope (for you and me!) it will be more than one hour, but for now I salute your hard work!

    Checked out your guest post. Great insight into the book. Really enjoyed hearing about how you took the initial flash of inspiration and worked into the finished story. Love these kind of ‘insider extra’s’.

    1. Jason K Lewis - Writer Post author

      Thanks Colin 🙂
      Yep, no one said it would be easy. Taking the last ten minutes of my hour tonight for social networking 🙂
      Also glad that there are other people in the same boat. I share your pain! I wish that we weren’t in this situation. Maybe one day we will be free of the shackles that bind us to the day job….
      Great that you checked out the post. Did you read ‘Empire’ yet? No pressure though, it’s just that I really value feedback and would love to know what you thought….
      Have a productive writing evening

      1. mobewan

        Tend to fall asleep in the evenings, so I’m more of a morning person. I cram it all into that precious time before the kids get up and chaos descends! One day we will get where we want to be. In the meantime, the journey is nothing if not fun!

        Not read Empire yet I’m afraid. Got sidetracked with an ARC for a friend. Empire is glaring up at me from my kindle though so it will be next. Been reading a lot of sci-fi recently so I’m looking forward to something different (no pressure ;-))

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