‘The Bloody King’ is out!

The Bloody King final3last one

Hi All,

My new short story ‘The Bloody King’ is out now on Amazon and should be out tomorrow on NOOK, KOBO, iTUNES and a host of other sites. It is a real genre departure for me but I hope that you like it!

The book cover ‘blurb’ is below:-

David May is the undisputed master of his craft. His legend is whispered in the dark corners of the world, but they don’t really know who he is, so they call him ‘The bloody King’.

David is in London, but he isn’t there to take in the sights of the capital. The bloody King has a job to do. The pay is good, maybe enough to make this his last job for a while, and the target is bad. It always helps when the target is bad.

But the past is catching up with the King. He’s getting old, perhaps too old, and on this particular day trip to London, he might get more than he bargained for.

In this fast paced, nail-biting crime thriller, the only thing that is certain is that someone is going to fall, the only question is who?…


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