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My guest post on ‘Fantasy Book Critic’


Hi All,

I am really chuffed to say that the guys over at ‘Fantasy Book Critic’ have just put a guest post up on their site for me 🙂

In it I discuss the ‘Adarna chronicles’ and my influences and tribulations whilst writing. So why not pop over and have a read?

On a different subject, I thought I should update you on the progress of the next book in the ‘Adarna chronicles’. ‘Phoenix Rising’ came back from the editor with a few issues that need my attention. Whilst these aren’t major (the editor pretty much gave it a glowing report), they do require some time, and as you know, with an hour a day this is something that I do not have much of!

Sadly, the launch of ‘Phoenix rising has been delayed by a few days. I hope that it will be ready to go before the end of the first week in August! I thought the snail in the photo above adequately describes how I feel things are progressing at the moment… (I am working my backside off in the hour that I have but it still feels really slow…).

Anyway, that’s enough from me, I need to get writing (and editing and rewriting and sending off the rewrites to the editor etc etc….).

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Guess what? My book just won an award!

ECDA-GoldStar-Jun-2014   Ok, so, as the title of this blog says, my book ‘Empire Under Siege’ won an award today 🙂 In fact it got a gold star (I haven’t had one of those since I was at infant school!). It’s absolutely brilliant news for me as it is the first official recognition that the book has received. I have to confess at this stage though (and the eagle eyed amongst you will know already- as it’s written on the badge above) that the award is actually for the cover, rather than the writing, but you know what? It doesn’t bother me too much as I haven’t entered the book for any literary (or otherwise) prizes. I am just chuffed to bits that the excellent cover designed by the guys over at Deranged Doctor Design has received the recognition that (I think) it deserves! I have put a copy of the cover below just in case you haven’t seen it yet.The award is actually a runner up prize in the fiction category. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Joel Friedlander’s book cover competition, I would advise that you check it out (see how I put the link in there to the June competition results? Crafty, huh?). You may also want to check out the rest of his site, it’s full of great resources and advice for writers. I’ve written about the importance of good cover design before, when I had a bit of a crisis over my first publication, ‘Paradise’. Essentially, I think it is important, in the thumbnail picture led world of the Amazon store et al, to get a good cover for your work.



In other news, work on ‘Phoenix Rising’, book two in the ‘Adarna chronicles’ is progressing well and it has now been sent to the editor. Once it returns it should (well, provided the editor doesn’t tear it to shreds) be only a week or so before it is ready for release! If you like this blog why not hit the like button below, or follow me on twitter, or do some other digital jiggery pokery? 🙂

Book cover reveal for ‘Phoenix Rising’ book 2 in the ‘Adarna chronicles’

Phoenix Rising


Hi All,

See the book cover reveal for my new novella ‘Phoenix Rising’ above. The book is the second in my epic fantasy series entitled ‘The Adarna chronicles’. It is the follow up to ‘Empire Under Siege’ which is already out.

The book follows the fates of Conlan, Wulf, Martius and the other key characters as they come to terms with the aftermath of both the Wicklander invasion and the sinister developments within the heart of the empire itself. A storm is approaching, and only the strong will survive. (I know, looks like I ‘m rehearsing for the back cover blurb already…).

Would be really grateful for your thoughts on it. What do you think? Do you think it works with the cover for ‘Empire Under Siege?‘ (Below) Do they look like part of a coherent series? Would you click on this cover over the millions of others that adorn the pages of Amazon or Nook or Kobo?



The book itself is out at the end of the month. Those who purchase ‘Phoenix Rising’ in the months of July and August 2014 will receive a copy of my upcoming short story ‘The hunger’, for free when it is released as a thank you. All they have to do is sign up to my newsletter using the link at the end of the book.

I hope you like the cover (I know I do!). I used the guys over at Deranged Doctor Design (the same people who did my cover for ‘Paradise’ and ‘Empire Under Siege’) and they delivered the goods as usual 🙂

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‘The Bloody King’ is out!

The Bloody King final3last one

Hi All,

My new short story ‘The Bloody King’ is out now on Amazon and should be out tomorrow on NOOK, KOBO, iTUNES and a host of other sites. It is a real genre departure for me but I hope that you like it!

The book cover ‘blurb’ is below:-

David May is the undisputed master of his craft. His legend is whispered in the dark corners of the world, but they don’t really know who he is, so they call him ‘The bloody King’.

David is in London, but he isn’t there to take in the sights of the capital. The bloody King has a job to do. The pay is good, maybe enough to make this his last job for a while, and the target is bad. It always helps when the target is bad.

But the past is catching up with the King. He’s getting old, perhaps too old, and on this particular day trip to London, he might get more than he bargained for.

In this fast paced, nail-biting crime thriller, the only thing that is certain is that someone is going to fall, the only question is who?…

Paradise is free! Pick up my ebook now…

PARADISE 22042014

Hi All,

Just a note to let you know that my novelette ‘Paradise’ is free from the 2nd July to the 5th of July on Amazon. If you haven’t bought it yet why not give it a try? Hope you enjoy it!

This is my first attempt at a free promotion and I will report the results over the next couple of weeks…

Best wishes