Book cover reveal for ‘Empire under siege’

Adarna 1 - Empire under siege

Hi there,

Just a brief blog today, but a very important one for me. See the book cover reveal for my new novella ‘Empire under siege’ above. The book is the first in a series entitled ‘Adarna chronicles’ (the project used to be called ‘Hope’ but I didn’t think it was catchy enough. Just a little too abstract…).

Would be really grateful for your thoughts on it. What do you think?

The book itself is out in the next week on Amazon. Those who purchase ‘Empire under siege’ in the month of June 2014 will receive a copy of my upcoming short story ‘The hunger’ for free when it is released as a thank you. All they have to do is sign up to my newsletter using the link at the end of ‘Empire under siege’.

I hope you like the cover, I am truly chuffed to bits with it. I used the guys over at Deranged Doctor Design (the same people who did my cover for ‘Paradise’) and they delivered the goods as usual 🙂


6 thoughts on “Book cover reveal for ‘Empire under siege’

  1. Kelly B.

    Looks very nice. Clean and simple. I would assume by the title that it’s a fantasy story (which I like), so it would make me want to read the blurb and see what it’s about.

    1. Jason K Lewis - Writer Post author

      Thanks Kelly 🙂 It is a fantasy book of sorts. Set in the ‘Adarnan empire’ which has some similarities to ancient Rome… Writing the blurb now and will post it soon. Really hope you like it (I am not very good at blurb!) Jason

      1. strangewriter

        That looks awesome. A beautiful cover, truly. I immediately considered it to be an action/thriller book – it has that vibe. If your fantasy is an action/war/politic based one, then the title + cover is perfect. That “Book 1” seal is a nice touch and makes it look award-winning. Clever.

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