‘Paradise’ released!

Paradise tweet

I released my first work of fiction today. What do you think of the cover?

After working for the last year on my first novel ‘Hope’, I was massively distracted by ‘Paradise’, it’s a novelette (don’t you just love the word?), it runs to about forty pages, and it’s now available on Amazon.co.uk and also Amazon.com. It feels kinda odd to know that something is finally out there in the digital aether. I took a while to figure out what to put in the ‘book description’ and settled for the following:-

How much would you give for a ticket to Paradise? How much would you give for the chance to start anew, without the stresses and strains of modern life? 
John Carlton and his family just won the trip of a lifetime and they can’t wait to get started in the brave new world that awaits them. 
Simon Swanson wishes he had a ticket. He dreams of walking on fine coral beaches with the sun burning overhead, but for now he watches, happy that some, at least, have the hope of a good life. 
Michael Judd is going to save the world and he isn’t going to let anything stop him. 
Five lives intertwine in a soulful tale of hope, redemption and salvation on the journey to Paradise.

What do you think? Would you buy it after reading the blurb?

I have written before of my first experience of twitter and this feels much the same, except that the stakes are far higher. I rushed home from work tonight to see if anyone had bought ‘Paradise’, not surprisingly the answer is no. In fact, in all probability I am the only person who has even looked at the Amazon page for ‘Paradise’. This won’t stop me from obsessively checking Amazon KDP every few hours for the next week or so to see if someone dives in and buys it.

When and if someone actually buys ‘Paradise’, I sincerely hope that they enjoy it, for that is what I crave now, the knowledge that someone out there has seen it and doesn’t think that it is utterly, completely, rubbish.

Of course there is the long, long wait for the first review still to come (Please, oh please, oh please let it be a good one…..).

Anyway, I’m off to go and check my author page on KDP again, because you just never know, (Yes you do know, you abominable optimist, no one is ever, ever, going to buy it! Do you think they didn’t notice you putting the links in above, you desperate fool….).

Anyway, I live in hope, and I am going to go back to writing it now (after I just check KDP one last time), but, strangely, even if no one ever buys ‘Paradise’, I have a weird sense of achievement in just putting it out there. For better or worse I am an author now. What a bizarre feeling that is…



3 thoughts on “‘Paradise’ released!

  1. CarolChoomack

    Hi Jason so nice to meet you. I Love the cover , interesting surely. Best of luck with all, you are on your way to success. See The Archer by carol cottone choomack. Enjoy all my best Carol

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