My first blog in quite a while…..

The clock is tickingSo the thing about blogging is that it can take an awful lot of time, right? Not only that, but you have to have something interesting to say- which is really rather difficult- let’s get a few things straight:-

– I really am a ‘virgin’ when it comes to the social media thing- I have absolutely no idea what I am doing- I need you to know this, it’s important to me. As I write at this very moment I have absolutely no idea what is going to spew forth from my consciousness- it’s what the Americans (hello, by the way if there are any of you out there! What’s the weather like across the pond?) would call a crap shoot (I think…). The idea of a crap shoot is really rather intriguing……. I would imagine that the bullets would smash the toilet bowl quite quickly and then you would have less of a crap shoot and more a case of crap shoes (or a crap joke?)

– Anyway, even though I am a ‘virgin’ at the whole social media thing I appear to have almost two thousand ‘followers’ on twitter, which is really rather nice 🙂  not quite sure how it happened though. In fact it has gotten to the stage where people are asking me to stop calling myself a social media phobe but the truth is, I can’t. It’s just too scary out there in the digital universe….

– There are many different ways in which one can put ones foot in it when on the social networking trail (or trial, depending on how you look at it…), I am sure. The problem is that I don’t know any of the rules yet, and that is a bit of a worry. I do need to get my backside in gear though as (hopefully) my book will be released in a few months time. Progress is mind-numbingly slow at the moment, but hey ho, it has to be done.

Anyway, I realised recently that my debut book will be called ‘Hope’ (for me this is a huge step, really, trust me, it is) and the very naming of the thing brought on a dawning fear (blimey, lots of fear and worry in this post…) that I will actually have to complete the blessed thing and cast it out to be judged by my peers. Therein lies the problem, what if they all hate it? A nagging voice in my mind keeps saying (I’m pretty sure it’s my subconscious, and it doesn’t actually speak, so I am relatively certain I’m still sane… just to clear that one up…)

Of course there is another voice in my head that just says I really think you should be worrying about whether or not anyone will actually find it, buy it, and read it first, you nitwit, and while we are on the subject, why are you writing a blog at this time of night when you could be editing your book, hey?

Oh well, back to work then 😉

Or perhaps I’ll just check my twitter account? Or goodreads? Maybe I could just sort out the facebook account…. I hear pinterest is quite useful…. I said back to work!


2 thoughts on “My first blog in quite a while…..

  1. davidprosser

    When you reach the stage where your book isn’t far off hitting the Universe in the face make sure you have two or three tweets prepared in advance that your followers can retweet for you. With two thousand followers the word should spread quite well. The minute you have a link to the book get a couple more tweets out declaring the Revelation of Hope.
    Don’t be disheartened if sales are slow, mine and others can still be like that after three or four. Bear in mind that if you’re an Indie publisher luck plays a huge part in the game. At least you have the satisfaction of achievement in having finished a book.
    Best of luck with it Jason.


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