My first four days in the bloggoverse

First 4 days in the bloggoverse


So…..the story so far,

1) Attempt to engage in social media, oh the highs and lows! See previous blog (I think I managed to link to it!)

2) Get really, truly excited when you get your first like (hurrah, hurray!). Then ponder what this means. Oh crikey.  What are the rules here? Am I supposed to follow back? Can they get insulted if I don’t? How do you do it anyway? Is there a rule book anywhere. Crap, how is this thing supposed to work anyway?

3) Try again  to concentrate on your book (‘write me’ it whispers petulantly, ‘you promised you would write me…’).

4) Fail in your attempt to concentrate on book as you watch more ‘likes’ appear on your blog. They like the blog, they like the blog. Oh joy, oh joy. Oh boy, twelve people like it now, don’t upset them, they might never come back……

5) Puzzle for an age over how they found you- no one liked the first blog, why would they like the second. No, wait! Someone liked the first blog but you didn’t notice!……. Nope, hang on a minute….. that’s your own avatar staring back…..accusing “what kind of fool follows himself?” shouts the rather beautiful sunset icon, “there must be some kind of rule against things like that!’.

 “But I  don’t remember pressing my own like button,” you say, “oh my god can someone impersonate me on the internet?” Nope, don’t think so, you’re just a bona fide idiot….

6) Google the internet for other people called Jason K Lewis just in case there is a full scale impersonation campaign going on. Turns out you’re already on facebook and something called ‘Linkdin’ and you also work for a real estate company. You go to the University of Minnesota and you’ve served a three year prison sentence. But that’s not me, I never……Oh why didn’t my parents give me a different name! (wipe tears away, blow nose loudly).

7) Etiquette! Spend an hour searching for advice on bloggerly etiquette.  Does the universe end if you follow yourself?  No, please,  it was an accident. I didn’t mean to…..please don’t ban me or bar me or block me or whatever the special word is in this world…. Oh god no, it says here you should blog EVERY DAY!

Saw a quote on twitter (OMG 41 followers!- but that’s another story…) that went something like this:-

“Being a good writer is 3% talent and 97% not being distracted by the internet.”
47,000 words and only two days to complete my own personal nanowrimo, would be there already but for the glorious bloggoverse….

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