Blog post numero uno

OK. So as far as I can tell (as a confirmed social media phobe) it goes something like this:-

Want to be a published writer? CHECK

Get a blogpost- CHECK

Get one of those tweety things- CHECK

Get a Google+ wotsit- CHECK (bit empty at the mo though)

Start the whole networking thingy- CHECK (sort of- no actually that’s a bit of a fib. About to though)

Write a book or story- CHECKITTY CHECK (OK so that’s also a fib. I am halfway through the first draft of my first -I believe some people call it the ‘VOMIT’- draft and I am struggling with many things)

Show don’t tell- CHECK(ISH)- to tell the truth I am struggling with this one in some places- hmmm much work to be done.

Get people to want to listen to you- ARE YOU JOKING? who would want to listen to someone blather on about their issues? (told you I was a social media phobe)- definitely NOT CHECK


One thought on “Blog post numero uno

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